Hi, I'm Ritesh and I'm a singer, guitarist and miyakisynth is my passion project.

As a child, I learned Carnatic  & Hindustani Classical music, after which I learned how to play the Guitar over the next 18 years. My understanding of music theory is grounded in Indian music theory but I know enough about western music to bring together both in my unique way.

This project is an exploration of a genre of music that includes elements from the West and the East.

About "miya ki"

"Miya ki" is an homage to Miya Tansen, court musician and confidant to the Mughal emperor Akbar from 1500 AD. He was known to be a great singer and an even better composer. His melodic templates  (raags) and compositions are sung every day in India. Almost a half millennium later.

Synth - is short for synthesized music.  

Come along on this journey with me and thank you for listening. Tap Subscribe and join for free.